MCL - 167-1917-VII

Act 167 of 1917
Article VII
Document Type Description
Section 125.521, 125.522 Section Repealed. 1972, Act 230, Eff. Jan. 1, 1973.
Section 125.523 Section Administration of act; joint administration and enforcement agreement.
Section 125.525 Section Registry of owners and premises; transfer of ownership.
Section 125.526 Section Inspection; inspection by federal government as substitute; basis; inspectors; consent to enter leasehold; duties of owner; access during reasonable hours; request by owner to enter leasehold; multiple lessees; discrimination prohibited; fees; report; dwelling with child residing; ordinance; "lease" defined.
Section 125.527 Section Inspection; warrants for nonemergency situation; no warrant required in emergency.
Section 125.528 Section Inspections; public policy; records; checklist of violations.
Section 125.529 Section Certificate of compliance; issuance; inspection.
Section 125.530 Section Certificate withheld; premises not to be occupied; conditions of issuance; suspension of rent payments, escrow; account for rent and possession.
Section 125.531 Section Certificate; application; temporary certificates; fee.
Section 125.532 Section Violations; recording; notice; serious and imminent hazard; order to correct, reasonable time; reinspection; notice to department of health and human services; "serious and imminent hazard" defined.
Section 125.533 Section Compliance by owner and occupant.
Section 125.534 Section Noncompliance with notice of violation; actions; parties; motion for temporary relief; service of complaint and summons; filing notice of pendency of action; orders and determinations; repair or removal of structure; exception; costs; order approving expenses; lien; authority of municipality; “urban core cities” defined.
Section 125.535 Section Receiver; appointment, termination; purpose; powers; expenses.
Section 125.536 Section Additional remedies; occupant's action; concurrent remedies.
Section 125.537 Section Common law rights retained.
Section 125.538 Section Dangerous building prohibited.
Section 125.539 Section “Dangerous building” defined.
Section 125.540 Section Notice of dangerous building; contents; hearing officer; service.
Section 125.541 Section Hearing; testimony; determination to close proceedings or order building or structure demolished, made safe, or properly maintained; failure to appear or noncompliance with order; hearing; enforcement; reimbursement and notice of cost; lien; remedies.
Section 125.541a Section Enforcement of judgment against other assets; lien; effectiveness; priority.
Section 125.541b Section Noncompliance with order as misdemeanor; penalties; designation of blight violation by municipality.
Section 125.541c Section Board of appeals; establishment; appointment and terms of members; vacancy; election of officers; quorum; compensation; expenses; meetings; writings.
Section 125.542 Section Appeal to circuit court.
Section 125.543 Section Adoption of housing law not required.