MCL - Section 15.305

Act 318 of 1968

15.305 Voidability of contracts; procedure; knowledge; limitation on actions; reimbursement; amicable settlement; evidences of indebtedness.

Sec. 5.

    (1) This act, following the evident intent of section 10 of article 4 of the constitution, is aimed to prevent legislators and state officers from engaging in certain activities under circumstances creating a substantial conflict of interest and is not intended to penalize innocent persons. Therefore, no contract shall be absolutely void by reason of this act or the constitutional provision which it implements. Contracts involving a prohibited conflict of interest under this act and said constitutional provision shall be voidable only by decree of a court of proper jurisdiction in an action by the state or a political subdivision which is a party thereto, as to any person, firm, corporation or trust that entered into said contract or took any assignment thereof, with actual knowledge of such prohibited conflict. In the case of a corporation, the actual knowledge must be that of a person or body finally approving the contract for the corporation. All actions to avoid any contract hereunder shall be brought within 1 year after discovery of circumstances suggesting the existence of a violation of the constitutional provision as implemented by this act. In order to meet the ends of justice any such decree shall provide for the reimbursement of any person, firm, corporation or trust for the reasonable value of all moneys, goods, materials, labor or services furnished under the contract, to the extent that the state or political subdivision has benefited thereby. This provision shall not prohibit the parties from arriving at an amicable settlement.
    (2) Negotiable and nonnegotiable bonds, notes or evidences of indebtedness, whether heretofore or hereafter issued, in the hands of purchasers for value, shall not be void or voidable by reason of this act or of the constitutional provision which it implements or of any previous statute, charter or rule of law.

History: 1968, Act 318, Eff. Sept. 1, 1968
Compiler's Notes: Section 191 of Act 227 of the Public Acts of 1975 repealed MCL 4.401 to 4.410, 168.901 to 168.929, 15.321 to 15.330, 15.301 to 15.310, and 15.341 to 15.348. The Michigan Supreme Court, however, in Advisory Opinion on Constitutionality of 1975 PA 227, 396 Mich. 123, 240 N.W.2d 193 (1976), held Act 227 of the Public Acts of 1975 unconstitutional for being in violation of Mich. Const., Art. 4, ยง 24.