MCL - Section 125.4816

Act 57 of 2018

125.4816 Authorization, issuance, and sale of tax increment bonds; limitations; pledge; resolution to create lien on revenues; limited tax pledge.

Sec. 816.

    (1) By resolution of its governing body, the authority may authorize, issue, and sell tax increment bonds subject to the limitations set forth in this subsection to finance the development program of the tax increment financing plan. The tax increment bonds issued by the authority under this subsection shall pledge solely the tax increment revenues of a development area in which the project is located or a development area from which tax increment revenues may be used for this project, or both. In addition or in the alternative, the bonds issued by the authority under this subsection may be secured by any other revenues identified in section 811 as sources of financing for activities of the authority that the authority shall specifically pledge in the resolution. However, except as otherwise provided in this section, the full faith and credit of the municipality shall not be pledged to secure bonds issued under this subsection. The bond issue may include a sum sufficient to pay interest on the tax increment bonds until full development of tax increment revenues from the project and also a sum to provide a reasonable reserve for payment of principal and interest on the bonds. The resolution authorizing the bonds shall create a lien on the tax increment revenues and other revenues pledged by the resolution that shall be a statutory lien and shall be a first lien subject only to liens previously created. The resolution may provide the terms upon which additional bonds may be issued of equal standing and parity of lien as to the tax increment revenues and other revenues pledged under the resolution. Bonds issued under this subsection are subject to the revised municipal finance act, 2001 PA 34, MCL 141.2101 to 141.2821.
    (2) The municipality, by majority vote of the members of its governing body, may make a limited tax pledge to support the authority's tax increment bonds or notes or, if authorized by the voters of the municipality, may pledge its unlimited tax full faith and credit for the payment of the principal of and interest on the authority's tax increment bonds or notes.

History: 2018, Act 57, Eff. Jan. 1, 2019