MCL - Section 125.4718

Act 57 of 2018

125.4718 Development plan; contents.

Sec. 718.

    (1) If a board decides to finance a project in a development area by the use of revenue bonds as authorized in section 713 or tax increment financing as authorized in sections 715, 716, and 717, it shall prepare a development plan.
    (2) The development plan shall contain all of the following:
    (a) The designation of boundaries of the development area in relation to highways, streets, streams, lakes, other bodies of water, or otherwise.
    (b) The location and extent of existing streets and other public facilities within the development area, designating the location, character, and extent of the categories of public and private land uses then existing and proposed for the development area, including residential, recreational, commercial, industrial, educational, and other uses, and including a legal description of the development area.
    (c) A description of existing improvements in the development area to be demolished, repaired, or altered, a description of any repairs and alterations, and an estimate of the time required for completion.
    (d) The location, extent, character, and estimated cost of the improvements including rehabilitation contemplated for the development area and an estimate of the time required for completion.
    (e) A statement of the construction or stages of construction planned, and the estimated time of completion of each stage.
    (f) A description of any parts of the development area to be left as open space and the use contemplated for the space.
    (g) A description of any portions of the development area that the authority desires to sell, donate, exchange, or lease to or from the municipality and the proposed terms.
    (h) A description of desired zoning changes and changes in streets, street levels, intersections, or utilities.
    (i) An estimate of the cost of the development, a statement of the proposed method of financing the development, and the ability of the authority to arrange the financing.
    (j) Designation of the person or persons, natural or corporate, to whom all or a portion of the development is to be leased, sold, or conveyed in any manner and for whose benefit the project is being undertaken if that information is available to the authority.
    (k) The procedures for bidding for the leasing, purchasing, or conveying in any manner of all or a portion of the development upon its completion, if there is no express or implied agreement between the authority and persons, natural or corporate, that all or a portion of the development will be leased, sold, or conveyed in any manner to those persons.
    (l) The requirement that amendments to an approved development plan or tax increment plan must be submitted by the authority to the governing body for approval or rejection.
    (m) The water resource improvements that will be made in the development area.
    (n) Other material that the authority, local public agency, or governing body considers pertinent.
    (o) Based on consultation with the affected state and federal authorities, an identification of the permits the board believes necessary to complete the proposed public facility and an explanation of how the proposed public facility will meet the requirements necessary for issuance of each permit.

History: 2018, Act 57, Eff. Jan. 1, 2019