MCL - Constitution-VII

Article VII
Document Type Description
Article VII § 1 Section Counties; corporate character, powers and immunities.
Article VII § 2 Section County charters.
Article VII § 3 Section Reduction of size of county.
Article VII § 4 Section County officers; terms, combination.
Article VII § 5 Section Offices at county seat.
Article VII § 6 Section Sheriffs; security, responsibility for acts, ineligibility for other office.
Article VII § 7 Section Boards of supervisors; members.
Article VII § 8 Section Legislative, administrative, and other powers and duties of boards.
Article VII § 9 Section Compensation of county officers.
Article VII § 10 Section Removal of county seat.
Article VII § 11 Section Indebtedness, limitation.
Article VII § 12 Section Navigable streams, permission to bridge or dam.
Article VII § 13 Section Consolidation of counties, approval by electors.
Article VII § 14 Section Organization and consolidation of townships.
Article VII § 15 Section County intervention in public utility service and rate proceedings.
Article VII § 16 Section Highways, bridges, culverts, airports; road tax limitation.
Article VII § 17 Section Townships; corporate character, powers and immunities.
Article VII § 18 Section Township officers; term, powers and duties.
Article VII § 19 Section Township public utility franchises.
Article VII § 20 Section Townships, dissolution; villages as cities.
Article VII § 21 Section Cities and villages; incorporation, taxes, indebtedness.
Article VII § 22 Section Charters, resolutions, ordinances; enumeration of powers.
Article VII § 23 Section Parks, boulevards, cemeteries, hospitals.
Article VII § 24 Section Public service facilities.
Article VII § 25 Section Public utilities; acquisition, franchises, sale.
Article VII § 26 Section Cities and villages, loan of credit.
Article VII § 27 Section Metropolitan governments and authorities.
Article VII § 28 Section Governmental functions and powers; joint administration, costs and credits, transfers.
Article VII § 29 Section Highways, streets, alleys, public places; control, use by public utilities.
Article VII § 30 Section Franchises and licenses, duration.
Article VII § 31 Section Vacation or alteration of roads, streets, alleys, public places.
Article VII § 32 Section Budgets, public hearing.
Article VII § 33 Section Removal of elected officers.
Article VII § 34 Section Construction of constitution and law concerning counties, townships, cities, villages.