MCL - Act 338 of 2018


Act 338 of 2018

AN ACT to require certain employers to provide certain employees with paid medical leave for personal or family health needs, as well as purposes related to domestic violence and sexual assault; to specify the conditions for accruing and using paid medical leave; to prescribe powers and duties of certain state departments, agencies, and officers; and to provide remedies and sanctions.

History: 2018, Act 338, Eff. Mar. 29, 2019 ;-- Am. 2018, Act 369, Eff. Mar. 29, 2019

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 408.961 Section Short title.
Section 408.962 Section Definitions.
Section 408.963 Section Paid medical leave to be provided by employer; accrual; use; carry over for benefit year; pay rate; "hours worked" and "paid leave" defined.
Section 408.964 Section Paid medical leave; permissible uses; advance notice; incremental use; documentation; disclosure of details relating to domestic violence or sexual assault or family member's medical condition; other purposes.
Section 408.965 Section Transfer of employee to separate division, entity, or location; retention of paid medical leave; unused paid medical leave.
Section 408.966 Section Repealed. 2018, Act 369, Eff. Mar. 29, 2019
Section 408.967 Section Violation of act; actions by employee; enforcement by department; administrative fine.
Section 408.968 Section Display of poster notice to employee; contents; availability.
Section 408.969 Section Repealed. 2018, Act 369, Eff. Mar. 29, 2019
Section 408.970 Section Retention of records; open for inspection.
Section 408.971 Section Scope and limitation of act.
Section 408.972 Section Collective bargaining agreement.
Section 408.973 Section Repealed. 2018, Act 369, Eff. Mar. 29, 2019.
Section 408.974 Section Severability.