MCL - Act 2 of 1968


Act 2 of 1968

AN ACT to provide for the formulation and establishment of uniform charts of accounts and reports in local units of government; to define local units of government; to provide for the examination of the books and accounts of local units of government; to provide for annual financial reports from local units of government; to provide for the administration of this act; to prescribe the powers and duties of the state treasurer, the attorney general, the library of Michigan and depository libraries, and other officers and entities; to provide penalties for violation of certain requirements of this act; to provide for meeting the expenses authorized by this act; to provide a uniform budgeting system for local units; and to prohibit deficit spending by a local unit of government.

History: 1968, Act 2, Imd. Eff. Feb. 20, 1968 ;-- Am. 1978, Act 621, Eff. Apr. 1, 1980 ;-- Am. 1996, Act 401, Eff. Dec. 18, 1996

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 141.421 Section Uniform charts of accounts for local units; design; conformity to uniform standards; maintenance of local unit accounts; publication of standard operating procedures and forms; assistance, advice, or instruction; inadequacy of local unit; report; services of certified public accountant or state treasurer; expenses; payment; contract; monthly billings.
Section 141.421a Section Short title.
Section 141.422 Section Meanings of words and phrases.
Section 141.422a Section Definitions; A, B.
Section 141.422b Section Definitions; B to D.
Section 141.422c Section Definitions; E to G.
Section 141.422d Section Definitions; D to S.
Section 141.423 Section Publication; hearings.
Section 141.424 Section Annual financial report; contents; filing; extension; unauthorized investments prohibited; “pension” defined.
Section 141.424a Section Failure of local unit to report investments in derivative instruments or products.
Section 141.424b Section Schedule of derivative instruments and products; filing copies; Library of Michigan and depository libraries as depositories; retention of annual report by local unit.
Section 141.425 Section Local units; audits.
Section 141.426 Section Certified public accountants; cost.
Section 141.427 Section Minimum auditing procedures and standards; form for report of auditing procedures; filing audit report and report of auditing procedures; time for filing; extension.
Section 141.428 Section Contents of audit report.
Section 141.429 Section Public inspection of audit reports.
Section 141.430 Section Orders and subpoenas.
Section 141.431 Section Violations of act.
Section 141.432 Section Verification of transactions.
Section 141.433 Section Scope of examiner's authority; production of records; divulging confidential information.
Section 141.433a Section Energy conservation improvements.
Section 141.434 Section Budget; preparation, presentation, and control of expenditures; information; transmitting recommended budget to legislative body; suggested general appropriations act; consideration of recommended budget; furnishing information to legislative body; public hearing.
Section 141.435 Section Recommended budget; contents; limitation on total estimated expenditures.
Section 141.436 Section General appropriations act; requirements; line items not mandated; taxation; limitation on estimated total expenditure; presumption; suit against county legislative body; standing; mediation; severability.
Section 141.437 Section General appropriations act; amendment; reports; recommendations.
Section 141.438 Section Incurring debts or obligations; dividing appropriations into allotments; expenditures; application or diversion of money; restrictions on delegation of duties; enforcement power; suit against chief administrative officer of county; standing; mediation; 60-day period to bring suit in Michigan court of appeals; court jurisdiction; limitation; certain actions barred; expenditure of funds; severability.
Section 141.439 Section Expenditure of funds; transfers within appropriations.
Section 141.440 Section Violation; filing; report; review and action by attorney general; civil action for recovery of funds and public property.
Section 141.440a Section Manuals, forms, and operating procedures; training and educational programs.