MCL - Section 776.19

Act 175 of 1927

776.19 Reward for criminal or escaped prisoner; authority to offer and pay.

Sec. 19.

    (1) The board of commissioners of a county is authorized to offer and pay out of the general fund of the county a reward for the arrest and conviction, or for information leading to the arrest and conviction, of any person or persons having committed a crime within the county or having escaped from any penal institution within the county.
    (2) The powers granted in this section may be exercised by the finance committee of the board of commissioners of a county when the board of commissioners of the county is not in session upon the request of a reward by the sheriff or the prosecuting attorney of the county.

History: 1927, Act 175, Eff. Sept. 5, 1927 ;-- CL 1929, 17509 ;-- CL 1948, 776.19 ;-- Am. 2022, Act 114, Eff. Sept. 22, 2022
Former Law: See section 2 of Act 156 of 1851, being CL 1857, § 336; CL 1871, § 468; How., § 474; and Act 262 of 1925.