MCL - Section 767A.5

Act 175 of 1927

767A.5 Appearance before prosecuting attorney; administration of oaths and affirmations; right to legal counsel; testimony with respect to records, documents or physical evidence; informing person of rights against self-incrimination; furnishing copy of testimony to defendant; effect of failure to provide copy of testimony; furnishing copy of testimony after direct examination of witness.

Sec. 5.

    (1) A person properly served with an investigative subpoena under this chapter shall appear before the prosecuting attorney and answer questions concerning the felony being investigated or produce any records, documents, or physical evidence he or she is required to produce.
    (2) The prosecuting attorney may administer oaths and affirmations in the manner prescribed by law to implement this chapter.
    (3) Any person may have legal counsel present in the room in which the inquiry is held. The person may discuss fully with his or her legal counsel any matter relating to the person's part in the inquiry without being subject to citation for contempt.
    (4) The prosecuting attorney may require a person having knowledge of any records, documents, or physical evidence subpoenaed under this chapter to testify under oath or acknowledgment with respect to those records, documents, or physical evidence.
    (5) The prosecuting attorney shall inform the person of his or her constitutional rights regarding compulsory self-incrimination before asking any questions under an investigative subpoena. This subsection does not apply if the person is granted immunity under section 7.
    (6) If a criminal charge is filed by the prosecuting attorney based upon information obtained pursuant to this chapter, upon the defendant's motion made not later than 21 days after the defendant is arraigned on the charge, the trial judge shall direct the prosecuting attorney to furnish to the defendant the testimony the defendant gave regarding the crime with which he or she is charged and may direct the prosecuting attorney to furnish to the defendant the testimony any witness who will testify at the trial gave the prosecuting attorney pursuant to this chapter regarding that crime except those portions that are irrelevant or immaterial, or that are excluded for other good cause shown. If the defendant requests the testimony of a witness pursuant to this section and the trial judge directs the prosecuting attorney to furnish to the defendant a copy of that witness's testimony, the prosecuting attorney shall furnish a copy of the testimony not later than 14 days before trial. If the prosecuting attorney fails or refuses to furnish a copy of the testimony to the defendant pursuant to this subsection, the prosecuting attorney may be barred from calling that witness to testify at the defendant's trial.
    (7) If the trial judge has not directed the prosecuting attorney to furnish a copy of a witness's testimony to the defendant before trial, the prosecuting attorney shall, upon the defendant's request, furnish a copy of that testimony to the defendant after direct examination of that witness at trial has been completed.

History: Add. 1995, Act 148, Eff. Oct. 1, 1995