MCL - Section 700.5426

Act 386 of 1998

700.5426 Gifts; distribution to formerly protected individual; death of protected individual.

Sec. 5426.

    (1) If the estate is more than sufficient to provide for the purposes implicit in the distributions authorized by section 5425, a conservator for the protected individual, other than a minor, has the power to make a gift to charity or another object, as the protected individual might have been expected to make, in amounts that do not exceed an annual total of 20% of the estate income.
    (2) If a minor who has not been adjudged disabled under section 5401(3) attains majority, after the conservator meets all claims and expenses of administration and accounts to the court if required to do so by the court or by court rule, the conservator shall pay over and distribute all money and property to the formerly protected individual as soon as possible.
    (3) If satisfied that a protected individual's disability, other than minority, has ceased, and after meeting all claims and expenses of administration, the conservator shall pay over and distribute all money and property to the formerly protected individual as soon as possible.
    (4) If a protected individual dies, the conservator shall deliver to the court for safekeeping a will of the deceased protected individual that has come into the conservator's possession, shall inform the personal representative or a beneficiary named in the will of the delivery, and shall retain the estate for delivery to a duly appointed personal representative of the decedent or another person entitled to the delivery. If within 42 days after the protected individual's death another person is not appointed personal representative and an application or petition for appointment is not before the court, the conservator may petition to exercise a personal representative's powers and duties in order to be able to proceed to administer and distribute the decedent's estate. Upon petition for an order granting a personal representative's powers to a conservator, after notice to a person nominated as personal representative by a will of which the petitioner is aware and after notice as described in section 1401, the court may grant the petition upon determining that there is no objection and may endorse the letters of the conservator to note that the formerly protected individual is deceased and that the conservator has all of the powers and duties of a personal representative. An order made and entered under this section has the effect of an order for a personal representative's appointment as provided in section 3307 and parts 6 to 10 of article III. However, after administration, the estate in the conservator's name may be distributed to the decedent's successors without prior retransfer to the conservator as personal representative.

History: 1998, Act 386, Eff. Apr. 1, 2000
Popular Name: EPIC