MCL - Section 700.5420

Act 386 of 1998

700.5420 Recording of conservator's letters.

Sec. 5420.

    (1) Letters of conservatorship are evidence of transfer of all of the protected individual's property, or the part of that property specified in the letters, to the conservator. An order terminating a conservatorship is evidence of transfer of the property subjected to the conservatorship from the conservator to the protected individual or that individual's successors.
    (2) Subject to the requirements of general statutes governing the filing or recordation of documents of title to land or other property, letters of conservatorship or an order terminating a conservatorship may be filed or recorded to give record notice of title as between the conservator and the protected individual.

History: 1998, Act 386, Eff. Apr. 1, 2000
Popular Name: EPIC