MCL - Section 600.6107

Act 236 of 1961

600.6107 Installment payments from income; reasonable value of services to relative; earning ability; modification of order; moneys awarded in matrimonial action; statute of limitations.

Sec. 6107.

    (1) Whether or not the judgment creditor has resorted to any remedy available under the garnishment or execution statutes, the court may order the judgment debtor to pay to the judgment creditor or apply on the judgment, in installments, such portion of his income, however or whenever earned or acquired, as the court may deem proper, after due regard for the reasonable requirements of the judgment debtor and his family, if dependent upon him, as well as any payments required to be made by the judgment debtor under any legal process.
    (2) Where the judgment debtor claims or is proved to be rendering services to or employed by a relative or other person or by a corporation owned or controlled by a relative or other person, without salary or compensation, or at a salary or compensation so inadequate as to satisfy the court that such salary or compensation is merely colorable and designed to defraud or impede the creditors of such debtor, the court may direct such debtor to make payments on account of the judgment, in installments, based upon a reasonable value of the services rendered by such judgment debtor under his said employment or upon said debtor's then earning ability.
    (3) The court may, from time to time, modify an order made under this section upon application of either party upon notice to the other.
    (4) An order under this section, where the income sought to be reached consists in whole or in part of moneys awarded in a matrimonial action for the support of the judgment debtor by a court of this state, may be made only by such court. To enable the judgment creditor to apply for such an order, a proceeding under this chapter instituted in another court may be transferred to such court on order of such other court, without prejudice to the proceedings theretofore taken therein.
    (5) The statute of limitations shall not run against a judgment during the time it is payable in installments as provided in this section.

History: 1961, Act 236, Eff. Jan. 1, 1963