MCL - Section 570.1106

Act 497 of 1980

570.1106 Additional definitions.

Sec. 106.

    (1) "Person" means an individual, corporation, partnership, association, other legal entity, or any combination of these.
    (2) "Professional services" means services that are customarily and legally performed by or under the supervision or responsible control of design professionals in the course of their professional practice, including, but not limited to, programming, planning, surveying, site investigation, analysis, assessment, design, preparation of drawings and specifications, and construction administration services.
    (3) "Project" means the aggregate of improvements contracted for by the contracting owner.
    (4) "Residential structure" means an individual residential condominium unit or a residential building containing not more than 2 residential units, the land on which it is or will be located, and all appurtenances, in which the owner or lessee contracting for the improvement is residing or will reside on completion of the improvement.
    (5) "Subcontractor" means a person, other than a laborer or supplier, who pursuant to a contract between himself or herself and a person other than the owner or lessee performs any part of a contractor's contract for an improvement.
    (6) "Supplier" means a person who, pursuant to a contract with a contractor or a subcontractor, leases, rents, or in any other manner provides material or equipment that is used in the improvement of real property. Supplier does not include a design professional or a person that has a subcontract with a design professional as described in section 107b.
    (7) "Wages" means all earnings of an employee, whether determined on the basis of time, task, piece, commission, or other method of calculation, for labor or services, except fringe benefits and withholdings.

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