MCL - Section 559.137

Act 59 of 1978

559.137 Allocation to condominium unit of undivided interest in common elements proportionate to percentage of value assigned; statement, table, exhibit, or schedule in master deed; formula; basis of reallocation; allocating percentage of value to convertible space; alteration of undivided interest in common elements; partition of common elements.

Sec. 37.

    (1) The master deed may allocate to each condominium unit an undivided interest in the common elements proportionate to its percentage of value assigned as provided in this act.
    (2) If an equal percentage of value is allocated to each condominium unit, the master deed may simply state that fact and need not express the fraction or percentage so allocated.
    (3) If an equal percentage of value is not assigned, the percentage of value allocated to each condominium unit shall be reflected by a table in the master deed or by an exhibit or schedule accompanying the master deed and recorded simultaneously therewith. The table shall identify the condominium units, listing them serially or grouping them together in the case of condominium units to which identical percentages of value are allocated, and setting forth the respective percentages relative to the several condominium units. The master deed or the exhibit or schedule shall set forth, with reasonable clarity, the formula upon which the percentages were allocated in the original master deed and the basis upon which the same will be reallocated in any modification of the master deed by which condominium units will be added, withdrawn, or modified, which basis may provide for reasonable flexibility if different types of condominium units are introduced into the condominium project in subsequent phases thereof.
    (4) A convertible space shall be allocated a percentage of value in accordance with the formula used to derive the original percentage of value.
    (5) Except to the extent otherwise expressly provided by this act, the undivided interest in the common elements allocated to any condominium unit shall not be altered, and any purported transfer, encumbrance, or other disposition of that interest without the condominium unit to which it appertains is void.
    (6) The common elements shall not be subject to an action for partition unless the condominium project is terminated.

History: 1978, Act 59, Eff. July 1, 1978