MCL - Section 484.2252

Act 179 of 1991

484.2252 Telecommunication services offered by public entity.

Sec. 252.

    (1) A public entity may provide telecommunication services within its boundaries if the public entity has complied with the requirements of section 14 of the metropolitan extension telecommunications right-of-way oversight act, 2002 PA 48, MCL 484.3114, and all of the following apply:
    (a) The public entity has issued a request for competitive sealed bids to provide telecommunication services.
    (b) The public entity has received less than 3 qualified bids from private providers.
    (c) It is more than 60 days from the date the request for bids was issued.
    (d) The public entity is providing the telecommunication services under the same terms and conditions as required under the request for bids issued pursuant to subdivision (a).
    (2) Except as provided under subsection (3), a public entity shall not provide telecommunication services outside its boundaries.
    (3) Two or more public entities may jointly request bids under subsection (1) and provide telecommunication services if all participating public entities meet the requirements of this section. If a public entity does not receive a qualified bid as required under subsection (1), the public entity may contract with another public entity to receive telecommunication services.
    (4) A public entity shall not establish a board or other entity for the purpose of providing regulation of a private provider of services under this section.
    (5) This section does not apply to all of the following:
    (a) Public safety systems.
    (b) Systems used only for the internal use of the public entity or for the sharing of information between the public entity and another public entity.
    (c) A public entity that is currently providing telecommunication services or that has held a public hearing by November 1, 2005 on a proposal to provide telecommunication services, or has issued a request for bids by November 1, 2005 to provide telecommunication services, or has an enforceable contract to begin construction of a telecommunication system by November 1, 2005.
    (d) A public entity that is currently providing service in another public entity's boundaries.
    (e) Services offered by a public entity to the public within a facility owned and operated by the public entity.
    (f) Systems or services used or offered by 1 or more public entities or consortiums to advance or promote the public health, safety, and provision of e-government services.
    (6) This section may not be construed to prevent a municipally-owned utility from providing to its energy customers, either directly or indirectly, any energy related service involving the transfer or receipt of information or data concerning the use, measurement, monitoring, or management of energy services provided by the municipally-owned utility, including services such as load management or automated meter reading.
    (7) As used in this section, "public entity" means a county, city, village, township, or any agency or subdivision of the public entity.

History: Add. 2005, Act 235, Imd. Eff. Nov. 22, 2005