MCL - Section 450.2060

Act 284 of 1972

450.2060 Filing fees.

Sec. 1060.

    (1) When delivering a document described in this subsection to the administrator for filing, a person shall pay the administrator whichever of the following fees apply to that document:
    (a) Articles of a domestic corporation, $10.00.
    (b) Application of a foreign corporation for a certificate of authority to transact business in this state, $10.00.
    (c) Amendment to the articles of a domestic corporation, $10.00.
    (d) Amended application for a certificate of authority to transact business in this state, $10.00.
    (e) Certificate of merger, conversion, or share exchange under chapter 7, $50.00.
    (f) Certificate attesting to the occurrence of a merger or conversion of a foreign corporation under section 1021, $10.00.
    (g) Certificate of dissolution, $10.00.
    (h) Application for withdrawal and issuance of a certificate of withdrawal of a foreign corporation, $10.00.
    (i) Application for reservation of corporate name, $10.00.
    (j) Certificate of assumed name or a certificate of termination of assumed name, $10.00.
    (k) Statement of change of registered office or resident agent, $5.00.
    (l) Restated articles of domestic corporations, $10.00.
    (m) Certificate of abandonment, $10.00.
    (n) Certificate of correction, $10.00.
    (o) Certificate of revocation of dissolution proceedings, $10.00.
    (p) Certificate of renewal of corporate existence, $10.00.
    (q) For examining a special report required by law, $2.00.
    (r) Certificate of registration of corporate name of a foreign corporation, $50.00.
    (s) Certificate of renewal of registration of corporate name of a foreign corporation, $50.00.
    (t) Certificate of termination of registration of corporate name of a foreign corporation, $10.00.
    (u) Report required under section 911, $15.00 if paid after September 30, 2027. Before October 1, 2027, the fee is $25.00.
    (2) The fees described in subsection (1) are in addition to any franchise fees prescribed in this act. The administrator shall not refund all or any part of a fee described in this section.
    (3) Except as provided in subsection (9), the administrator shall deposit all fees received and collected under this section in the state treasury to the credit of the administrator, who may only use the money credited in accordance with legislative appropriation and only in carrying out those duties of the department required by law.
    (4) The fees described in this section apply to documents filed by a domestic or foreign regulated investment company as that term is defined in section 1064.
    (5) If any money received by the administrator from fees paid under subsection (1)(u) is not appropriated to the department in that fiscal year, the money remaining from those fees reverts to the general fund of this state.
    (6) A minimum charge of $1.00 for each certificate and 50 cents per folio must be paid to the administrator for certifying a part of a file or record pertaining to a corporation if a fee for that service is not described in subsection (1). The administrator may furnish copies of documents, reports, and papers required or permitted by law to be filed with the administrator, and shall charge for those copies the fee established in a schedule of fees adopted by the administrator with the approval of the state administrative board. The administrator shall retain the revenue collected under this subsection, and the department shall use it to defray the costs for its copying and certifying services.
    (7) If a domestic or foreign corporation pays fees or penalties by check and the check is dishonored, or by credit card and a chargeback is successful, the fee is unpaid and the administrator shall rescind the filing of all related documents.
    (8) The administrator may accept a credit card in lieu of cash or check as payment of a fee under this act. The administrator shall determine which credit cards the administrator accepts for payment.
    (9) The administrator may charge a nonrefundable fee of not more than $50.00 for any document submitted or certificate sent by facsimile or electronic transmission. The administrator shall retain the revenue collected under this subsection and the department shall use it to carry out its duties required by law.
    (10) The administrator shall waive any fee otherwise required under this section if a majority of the shares of the domestic or foreign corporation responsible for paying the fee are, and the corporation provides proof satisfactory to the administrator that those shares are, held by 1 or more honorably discharged veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States.

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