MCL - 368-1978-5-54A

Act 368 of 1978
Part 54A
Document Type Description
Section 333.5451 Section Short title of part.
Section 333.5452 Section Words and phrases; meanings.
Section 333.5453 Section Definitions; A.
Section 333.5454 Section Definitions; C.
Section 333.5455 Section Definitions; C.
Section 333.5456 Section Definitions; D, E.
Section 333.5457 Section Definitions; G to I.
Section 333.5458 Section Definitions; L.
Section 333.5459 Section Definitions; M to S.
Section 333.5460 Section Definitions; T to V.
Section 333.5460a Section Lead-based paint activities; procedures and requirements.
Section 333.5461 Section Persons engaged in lead-based paint activity; certification required.
Section 333.5461a Section Lead-based paint activities; training program; accreditation required.
Section 333.5462 Section Lead-based paint activities; training program; accreditation generally.
Section 333.5463 Section Training program; training hour requirements for accreditation in certain disciplines; rules; course test; hands-on skills assessment; course completion certificates; quality control plan; teaching work practice standards; duties of training manager.
Section 333.5464 Section Accreditation of refresher course.
Section 333.5465 Section Reaccreditation of training program.
Section 333.5466 Section Suspension, revocation, or modification of accreditation.
Section 333.5467 Section Accreditation training program; availability and retention of records; notice of change of address.
Section 333.5468 Section Certification to engage in lead-based paint activities; fees; application; requirements for certification in specific discipline.
Section 333.5469 Section Certification to engage in lead-based paint activities; employment of certified employees; requirements.
Section 333.5470 Section Certification in appropriate discipline required.
Section 333.5471 Section Training program or refresher courses; fees.
Section 333.5472 Section Notice of lead-based paint abatement.
Section 333.5473 Section Administration and enforcement of part.
Section 333.5473a Section Administration and enforcement of part by department; rules; establishment of programs; recommendations; disclosure; exemption.
Section 333.5474 Section Establishment of lead poisoning prevention program; components; reports.
Section 333.5474a Section Repealed. 2004, Act 431, Eff. July 1, 2007.
Section 333.5474b Section Lead safe housing registry.
Section 333.5474b[1] Section Lead safe housing registry.
Section 333.5474c Section Repealed. 2004, Act 400, Eff. July 1, 2007.
Section 333.5474c[1] Section Lead Poisoning Prevention Week.
Section 333.5474d Section Testing of minors for lead poisoning; rules; exception.
Section 333.5475 Section Alleged violations or complaints; actions by department.
Section 333.5475a Section Rental unit containing lead-based hazard; presumption of actual knowledge; violation; penalties; defense; burden of proof; definitions.
Section 333.5476 Section Violation of part; fine; citation; administrative hearing.
Section 333.5477 Section Violation; failure to correct violation after notice as misdemeanor; sanctions, penalties, or other provisions.
Section 333.5478, 333.5479 Section Repealed. 2007, Act 162, Eff. July 1, 2010.