MCL - 368-1978-2-22

Act 368 of 1978
Part 22
Document Type Description
Section 333.2201 Section Department of public health and office of director of public health continued.
Section 333.2202 Section Director of public health; appointment, term, and qualifications; designation and responsibility of chief medical executive; “administrative experience” defined.
Section 333.2204 Section Director of public health; salary; full-time performance of functions; expenses.
Section 333.2205 Section Assignment, vesting, and exercise of functions; internal organization of department; allocation and reallocation of duties and functions.
Section 333.2208 Section Public health advisory council; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; removal; vacancy.
Section 333.2209 Section Public health advisory council; election and terms of chairperson and vice-chairperson; quorum; reimbursement; staff support.
Section 333.2210 Section Public health advisory council; powers and duties generally.
Section 333.2211 Section Coordination between local health departments and local health planning agencies; review; annual assessment; information.
Section 333.2213 Section Task forces.
Section 333.2215 Section Termination of advisory committee or task force; exception; review of advisory council, commission, board, task force, or body.
Section 333.2221 Section Organized programs to prevent disease, prolong life, and promote public health; duties of department.
Section 333.2223 Section Biennial plan for rural health; preparation; submission to standing committees.
Section 333.2224 Section Promotion of local health services; coordination and integration of public health services.
Section 333.2226 Section Powers of department.
Section 333.2227 Section Racial and ethnic health disparities; duties of department.
Section 333.2228 Section Heads of intra-departmental units and employees; appointment; salaries and expenses; liability for damages; quarters and facilities.
Section 333.2229 Section Employees at veterans' facility physically injured by assault; wages; supplement; fringe benefits.
Section 333.2231 Section Furnishing information relating to public health; report.
Section 333.2232 Section Repealed. 1986, Act 79, Eff. Apr. 1, 1987.
Section 333.2232a Section Repeal of MCL 333.2232.
Section 333.2233 Section Rules.
Section 333.2235 Section Local health department; authorization to exercise power or function; primary organization as to services and programs; exceptions; summary reports.
Section 333.2237 Section Duties of department as to health education; “health education” defined.
Section 333.2241 Section Inspection or investigation to assure compliance; application for warrant.
Section 333.2242 Section Warrant; affidavit required for issuance.
Section 333.2243 Section Warrant; grounds for issuance.
Section 333.2244 Section Warrant; finding of cause.
Section 333.2245 Section Warrant; directing to law enforcement officer; contents.
Section 333.2246 Section Warrant; execution.
Section 333.2247 Section Warrant; procuring maliciously or without cause; misdemeanor.
Section 333.2251 Section Imminent danger to health or lives; informing individuals affected; order; noncompliance; petition to restrain condition or practice; conditions constituting menace to public health; promulgation of emergency rule under MCL 24.248; definitions.
Section 333.2253 Section Epidemic; emergency order and procedures; avian influenza; conditions requiring assistance of department of agriculture and rural development; visitation within qualified health care facility; LINDA; definitions.
Section 333.2255 Section Injunctive action.
Section 333.2261 Section Violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 333.2262 Section Violation; rules adopting schedule of monetary civil penalties; issuance, contents, and delivery of citation.
Section 333.2263 Section Citation; petition for administrative hearing; decision of hearings officer; review; provisions governing hearings and appeals; civil penalty.
Section 333.2264 Section Patient safety organization; certification of more than 1 entity.