MCL - 368-1978-12-125

Act 368 of 1978
Part 125
Document Type Description
Section 333.12501 Section Definitions; principles of construction.
Section 333.12505 Section Construction permit for campground; application; contents.
Section 333.12506 Section Campground license required; application; contents; exemption; expiration.
Section 333.12506a Section Campground fees.
Section 333.12506b Section Campground fund; creation; remaining balance; expenditures; use; annual report.
Section 333.12507 Section Campground facilities to meet requirements prescribed under MCL 333.12511.
Section 333.12508 Section Campground license; issuance; display; notice of denial; statement of reasons; reconsideration; hearing; appeal.
Section 333.12509 Section Campground license; transfer.
Section 333.12510 Section Annual inspection by local health department; payments; additional fees.
Section 333.12511 Section Rules.
Section 333.12512 Section Notice of noncompliance; specifying particular violations; time for compliance; revocation of license; hearing; decision; appeal.
Section 333.12513 Section Advisory board; purpose; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members.
Section 333.12514 Section Access to campground; purpose.
Section 333.12515 Section Application and construction of MCL 333.12501 to 333.12516.
Section 333.12516 Section Violation as misdemeanor; action for injunction.
Section 333.12521 Section Definitions used in MCL 333.12521 to 333.12534.
Section 333.12522 Section Public swimming pool; review of design, construction, and operation; rules; exception.
Section 333.12523 Section Construction and operation of public swimming pools; supervisory and visitorial power; control.
Section 333.12524 Section Public swimming pools; periodic inspections; right of entry.
Section 333.12525 Section Construction or modification of public swimming pool; review and approval of plans and specifications; fee; permit; responsibility of applicant or owner; nuisance or hazard to health or safety; description of swimming pool system and auxiliary structures.
Section 333.12526 Section Examination of plans and specifications; determination; issuance of permit; notice of deficiencies; resubmission of documents; duration of permit; written approval of change.
Section 333.12526a Section Preparation or consumption of food or beverages within swimming pool enclosure; requirements; use of plastic or nonbreakable material; definitions.
Section 333.12527 Section Public swimming pool; license required; fee; display; expiration; renewal; replacement.
Section 333.12527a Section Fees.
Section 333.12527b Section Public swimming pool fund; creation; remaining balance; expenditures; use; annual report.
Section 333.12528 Section Denial of license; grounds; notice; failure to correct deficiencies or noncomplying items.
Section 333.12529 Section Revocation of license; grounds; reissuance.
Section 333.12530 Section Periodic reports covering operation of public swimming pools.
Section 333.12531 Section Ordering owner or operator to prohibit use of swimming pool.
Section 333.12531a Section Use of life jacket in public swimming pool.
Section 333.12532 Section Payments to local health departments; additional fees.
Section 333.12533 Section Violation as misdemeanor; each day of violation as separate violation; prosecution.
Section 333.12534 Section Action for injunction or other process.
Section 333.12541 Section Testing and evaluating quality of water at bathing beaches; purpose; posting sign; injunction; definitions.
Section 333.12542 Section Public bathing beach; safety and rescue equipment; communication with outside sources of assistance.
Section 333.12543 Section Consulting and cooperating with local health officers; training for employees; assistance.
Section 333.12544 Section Rules; contents; use.
Section 333.12545 Section Violation as misdemeanor.
Section 333.12546 Section Local regulations.
Section 333.12561-333.12563 Section Repealed. 2004, Act 246, Eff. Oct. 1, 2004.