March 13, 2024, Introduced by Senators SANTANA, BAYER, WOJNO, SHINK, POLEHANKI, GEISS, KLINEFELT, CHANG and LINDSEY and referred to the Committee on Veterans and Emergency Services.

A bill to amend 1949 PA 300, entitled

"Michigan vehicle code,"

(MCL 257.1 to 257.923) by adding section 803t.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 803t. (1) A woman who meets either of the following requirements may apply to the secretary of state for a special registration plate that displays an appropriate vignette preceding the registration numbers and has the words "woman veteran" inscribed beneath the registration numbers:

(a) Was a member of the Michigan National Guard, the United States Armed Forces Reserve, or any branch of the United States Armed Forces and was called to active duty during a declared war or an armed conflict in which the United States was a participant.

(b) Was a member of any branch of the United States Armed Forces, including reservists and National Guard, and has retired or been granted an honorable discharge from that branch of the United States Armed Forces.

(2) Application for a special registration plate must be on a form prescribed by the secretary of state and must be accompanied by any proof of the applicant meeting the requirements of subsection (1) that the secretary of state may require. The application for a special registration plate must not require a service fee under section 804.

(3) Upon proper application, the secretary of state shall issue 1 or more special registration plates for each applicant for use on a passenger vehicle. An individual who is disabled who applies for a special registration plate under this section must be issued a tab for persons with disabilities as provided in section 803f for the special registration plate. The secretary of state shall require the same proof that the applicant is a disabled person as is required for issuing a permanent windshield placard under section 675. A person issued 1 or more special registration plates under subsection (1) must be assessed the applicable tax provided in section 801.

(4) The use of a special registration plate on a vehicle other than the vehicle for which the plate is issued, or by a person who does not qualify under this section, is a misdemeanor.

(5) The special registration plate issued under this section expires on the birthday of the vehicle owner. The applicant is not required to furnish the proof provided in subsection (2) for an application for renewal of the special registration plate.

(6) This section does not preclude a person from applying for any other registration plate under this act.