senate resolution no.4

Senator Shirkey offered the following resolution:

A resolution to amend the Standing Rules of the Senate.

Resolved by the Senate, That Rule 2.103 of the Standing Rules of the Senate be hereby amended to read as follows:



The standing committees of the Senate shall be:

Advise and Consent (5 members)

Agriculture (5 members)

Appropriations (18 members)

Economic and Small Business Development (9 members)

Education and Career Readiness (7 members)

Elections (5 members)

Energy and Technology (10 members)

Environmental Quality (6 7 members)

Families, Seniors, and Veterans (7 members)

Finance (7 members)

Government Operations (5 members)

Health Policy and Human Services (10 members)

Insurance and Banking (10 members)

Judiciary and Public Safety (7 members)

Local Government (5 members)

Natural Resources (5 members)

Oversight (5 members)

Regulatory Reform (9 members)

Transportation and Infrastructure (9 members)

Statutory standing committees:

Administrative Rules (5 members) (see MCL 24.235)

Legislative Council (6 members and 3 alternates) (see MCL 4.1103)

Legislative Retirement Board of Trustees (2 members) (see MCL 38.1026)

Library of Michigan Board of Trustees (1 Member) (See MCL 397.17)

Michigan Commission on Uniform State Laws (2 Members) (See MCL 4.1301)

Michigan Council on Future Mobility (2 Members) (See MCL 257.665)

Michigan Law Revision Commission (2 Members) (See MCL 4.1401)

Senate Fiscal Agency Board of Governors (5 Members) (See MCL 4.1501).