MMFLA APPLICANT, REVISE DEFINITION                                                          S.B. 203:

                                                                                                    SUMMARY OF BILL

                                                                                     REPORTED FROM COMMITTEE










Senate Bill 203 (as reported without amendment)

Sponsor:  Senator Michael D. MacDonald

Committee:  Judiciary and Public Safety




The bill would amend the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) to revise the definition of "applicant" to include additional individuals who would have to apply for a State operating license, such as an applicant's managerial employee, or for entities that applied for a license, a partner, member, stockholder, officer, director, and his or her spouse.


The MMFLA provides the definition of "provisioning center", and specifies that a noncommercial  location used by a primary caregiver to assist a qualifying patient connect to the caregiver in accordance with the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act is not a provisioning center for the purposes of the MMFLA.


The bill would refer to a registered primary caregiver.


MCL 333.27102                                                     Legislative Analyst:  Stephen Jackson




The bill would have no fiscal impact on State or local government. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs currently administers the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act according the definition of "applicant" provided in the bill using existing appropriations.


Date Completed:  3-20-19                                        Fiscal Analyst:  Elizabeth Raczkowski


This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan Senate staff for use by the Senate in its deliberations and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.