September 12, 2017, Introduced by Senators PAVLOV, COLBECK and GREEN and referred to the Committee on Education.



     A bill to amend 2000 PA 161, entitled


"Michigan education savings program act,"


(MCL 390.1471 to 390.1486) by adding sections 21 and 22.




     Sec. 21. (1) From the information received from each public


school pursuant to section 1210 of the revised school code, 1976 PA


451, MCL 380.1210, the department of education shall determine


which services offered by each public school are eligible services


that may be purchased using an account. The department of education


shall divide the eligible services into 5 separate categories as




     (a) Core instruction.


     (b) Noncore instruction.


     (c) Extracurricular activities.


     (d) Support activities.

     (e) Course materials.


     (2) Each public school that complies with section 1210 of the


revised school code, 1976 PA 451, MCL 380.1210, is eligible to


receive payments from the program. The department may designate


other organizations that provide core and noncore instruction


services, extracurricular and support activities, and course


materials as eligible to receive payments from the program.


     Sec. 22. Within 1 year after the effective date of this


section, the department, in consultation with the department of


education, shall establish and maintain an internet website


dedicated to this program. The website shall serve as the portal


for information about the enhanced Michigan education savings


accounts and the eligible services offered by each public school in


this state. The website shall include at least all of the




     (a) A breakdown of the minimum requirements for annual course


loads and course descriptions.


     (b) A mechanism for the enrollment of students into services


and to allow for the payment of those eligible services from each


student's account by the account owner.


     (c) A default selection for eligible services based on the


grade level of the student for parents who elect not to choose the


courses and subject areas for their students.


     Enacting section 1. This amendatory act does not take effect


unless Senate Bill No. 544                                    


            of the 99th Legislature is enacted into law.