February 5, 2009, Introduced by Reps. Angerer and Ebli and referred to the Committee on Regulatory Reform.


     A bill to amend 1998 PA 58, entitled


"Michigan liquor control code of 1998,"


by amending section 513 (MCL 436.1513), as amended by 2007 PA 11.




     Sec. 513. (1) The commission may issue to the governing board


of a college or university, without regard to the quota provisions


of section 531, a license to sell alcoholic liquor for consumption


on the premises of a conference center operated by the governing


board. Licenses granted under this subsection may be used only for


the sale of alcoholic liquor at regularly scheduled conference


center activities. The sale of alcoholic liquor to unscheduled


patrons or at unscheduled events is prohibited under this




     (2) Subject to the provisions of section 531, the commission


may issue a license to a private entity for the sale of alcoholic


liquor for consumption on the premises of a hotel located on land


owned by central Michigan university if both of the following


circumstances exist:


     (a) The land is leased or subleased at fair market value to a


private entity that owns, leases, or subleases the hotel building


and its fixtures.


     (b) The hotel and land are located within an industrial,


research, or commercial development park established by the


governing board of central Michigan university.


     (3) Licenses issued pursuant to this section are


nontransferable, and the licensee shall pay the fee required under


section 525.


     (4) As used in this section:


     (a) "College" or "university" means a 2-year or 4-year state


supported institution of higher education.


     (b) "Conference center" means a building or portion of a


building, other than a student residence hall or student center,


which has meeting rooms, banquet areas, social halls, overnight


accommodations, and related facilities for special activities


scheduled by the college or university, which in the judgment of


the commission, has been regularly used for conferences and lodging


of guests. The convocation center and the corporate education


center at eastern Michigan university, the Kirkhof and Eberhard


centers at Grand Valley state university, the Bernhard center at


western Michigan university, the Wadsworth center at Michigan


technological university, the West complex at Saginaw Valley state


university, the conference center at Big Rapids, the applied


technology center at Grand Rapids and the FSU-GR conference center


of Ferris state university, Grand Rapids junior college, the


Waterman campus center at Schoolcraft college, the Mendel center at


Lake Michigan community college, the McGregor memorial conference


center at Wayne state university, the Michigan state university


management educational center, the Superior dome at northern


Michigan university, the Walker Cisler center at Lake Superior


state university, the Marie Prahl college center at Mott community


college, the John T. Parsons and Frank L. Stulen Michigan technical


education center, the Gerald and Frances Oleson center, the Dennos


museum center, and the Great Lakes campus at northwestern Michigan


college, the farmhouse at Delta college, the Oakland community


college culinary studies institute, and the performing arts and


cultural center complex at Macomb community college, and the La-Z-


Boy center at Monroe community college are considered conference


centers for the purposes of this act.