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Printed on 6/14/2024
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Public Act Year: 2023
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Act 295 of 2008 Statute CLEAN AND RENEWABLE ENERGY AND ENERGY WASTE REDUCTION ACT (460.1001 - 460.1232.added)
***** 460.1221.added THIS ADDED SECTION IS EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 29, 2024 *****
Section 460.1013 Section Definitions; S to W.
Section 460.1221.added Section Definitions.
Section 460.1222.added Section Applicability of part; certification for construction of an energy facility.
Section 460.1223.added Section Public meetings; site plan; application for approval; remedies upon denial.
Section 460.1224.added Section Site plan requirements.
Section 460.1225.added Section Application for certification under MCL 460.1222; contents.
Section 460.1226.added Section One-time grant to affected local unit; local intervenor compensation fund; proceedings; fees; issuance of certificate; commencement requirements.
Section 460.1227.added Section Host community agreement; refusal to enter; community benefits agreement; enforcement.
Section 460.1227a.added Section Certification of compliance.
Section 460.1228.added Section Public records; freedom of information act; confidentiality.
Section 460.1229.added Section Commission order; subject to review under MCL 462.26.
Section 460.1230.added Section Commission; administrative powers and duties; conflict of law; power of eminent domain.
Section 460.1231.added Section Local prohibition or regulation of testing activities; applicability of certain zoning ordinances or limitations.
Section 460.1232.added Section Severability.