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Public Act Number: 81
Public Act Year: 2023
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 168.8 Section "Clerk's office," "municipal," and "satellite office of a clerk" defined.
Section 168.523b Section Establishment of election day vote centers; requirements; election inspector duties.
Section 168.570 Section Paper ballots; numbering; identification; function of and requirements for detachable stub; distribution of ballots; form.
Section 168.662 Section Designating place of holding election in municipality; polling places and early voting sites; central polling places; abolishment; compliance with voting accessibility; notice.
Section 168.668b Section Electronic poll book software; timeline for processing voter activity and precinct reports.
Section 168.674 Section Precinct and early voting site election inspector; appointment; chairperson; political party membership; challenge; vacancies.
Section 168.720a Section Definitions for MCL 168.720b to 168.720j.
Section 168.720b Section Right to vote at early voting site; timing requirements.
Section 168.720c Section Secretary of state implementation and duties; early voting requirements; guidance and instruction to election officials.
Section 168.720d Section Local administration of early voting; agreements; notice.
Section 168.720e Section Single municipality; administration of early voting without agreement; designation at polling place; appointment of election inspectors; additional voting days; local elections; resolution.
Section 168.720f Section Municipal agreement requirements; appointment of coordinator and election inspectors; early voting poll book; days and hours of early voting; withdrawal from agreement.
Section 168.720g Section County agreement requirements; appointment of coordinator and election inspectors; days and hours of early voting; withdrawal from agreement.
Section 168.720h Section Early voting plans; requirements; certification.
Section 168.720i Section Early voting sites; location and quantity requirements.
Section 168.720j Section Early voting tabulation; electronic tabulating equipment; early voting poll books; alternate configuration sets; board of election inspectors responsibilities; reporting of early voting results; violation; penalty.
Section 168.736b Section Secrecy sleeve; primary election; instructions.
Section 168.736c Section Secrecy sleeve; general election; instructions.
Section 168.736d Section Secrecy sleeve; nonpartisan election; instructions.
Section 168.736e Section Secrecy sleeve; special election; instructions.
Section 168.764a Section Instructions for absent voters and absent uniformed services voters or overseas voters.
Section 168.764b Section Delivery, tabulation, and acceptance of absent voter ballots; appointment, oath, credentials, and duties of assistants; collection of absent voter ballots; prohibition; noncompliance.
Section 168.764d Section Combined absent voter counting board; establishment and agreement; requirements; duties of the bureau of elections.
Section 168.765 Section Absent voter ballot return envelopes; safekeeping by clerk; delivery of envelopes; review and verification of signatures for tabulation; absent voter counting board; voter ballot received after polls closed.
Section 168.765a Section Absent voter counting board; processing and tabulating of ballots before election; written notice; instructions and procedures; prohibition of photography or recording within counting place; violations; penalties.
Section 168.765b Section Procedure to spoil absent voter ballot.
Section 168.765c Section Damaged or defective absent voter ballot; duplicate copy.
Section 168.768 Section Absent voters' ballots; verification and preparation for tabulation procedures.
Section 168.768a Section Absent voter ballot drop off; instructions.
Section 168.769 Section Absent voter ballots; voting in person; return of ballot; voting in person and absent voter ballot as felony; report.
Section 168.795b Section Printing or displaying ballot labels, questions, office titles, and names of candidates; columns, pages, and directional signs; ballot stub.
Section 168.797a Section Instruction in method of voting on electronic voting system; use of ballot processed through electronic tabulating equipment; procedure; detached stub; spoiled ballot; processing of challenged voter ballot; removal of ballot.
Section 168.798b Section Electronic tabulating equipment; unofficial and official returns; manual count; accumulation report.
Section 168.805 Section Placement in ballots in ballot container; seal; delivery.