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Public Act Number: 672
Public Act Year: 2006
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 333.7405 Section Prohibited conduct; violation; penalties.
Section 333.17702 Section Definitions; A to C.
Section 333.17703 Section Definitions; D, E.
Section 333.17708 Section Definitions; P to R; limitation on prescription of pharmacological agents.
Section 333.17709 Section Definitions; S to W.
Section 333.17745 Section Drug control license; patient's chart or clinical record to include record of drugs dispensed; delegating authority to dispense drugs; storage of drugs; container; label; complimentary starter dose drug; information; compliance with MCL 333.7303a; inspection of locations; limitation on delegation; receipt of complimentary starter dose drugs by pharmacist; "complimentary starter dose" defined.
Section 333.17751 Section Dispensing prescription drug or device requiring prescription; requirements; exceptions.
Section 333.17754 Section Electronic transmission of prescription; conditions; information; confidentiality; professional judgment as to accuracy, validity, and authenticity; original prescription; inapplicable after October 1, 2021.
Section 333.17763 Section Grounds for fine, reprimand, or probation; grounds for denying, limiting, suspending, or revoking license.