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Public Act Number: 52
Public Act Year: 1997
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 450.4102 Section Definitions.
Section 450.4103 Section Documents; signatures; requirements.
Section 450.4201 Section Limited liability company; purpose.
Section 450.4202 Section Limited liability company; formation; filing as evidence that all conditions performed; exception; duration.
Section 450.4203 Section Articles of organization; contents.
Section 450.4204 Section Limited liability company; low-profit limited liability company; name; requirements; rights.
Section 450.4206 Section Transacting business under assumed name; certificate; effective period; extension; notice of expiration; rights not created; same name assumed in partnership or joint venture; transfer of assumed name to survivor; use of name by surviving company; assumed name of converted company; certificate of conversion.
Section 450.4207 Section Maintaining registered office and resident agent; service of process, notice, or demand; appointment of agent; annual statement; service of process by mail.
Section 450.4213 Section Registered office or principal place of business; documents required to be kept.
Section 450.4214 Section Conflict between articles of organization and operating agreement.
Section 450.4301 Section Members; contribution.
Section 450.4302 Section Promise by member to contribute; enforcement; obligation to perform; rights of company; compromising obligation; enforcement by creditor of original member's obligation.
Section 450.4303 Section Distribution of assets; allocation; manner; basis.
Section 450.4304 Section Distribution; conditions for receiving.
Section 450.4305 Section Distributions to withdrawing member.
Section 450.4307 Section Distributions prohibited under certain situations; exceptions; effect of distribution under subsection (1); remedies available; future payments to withdrawing members; effect of subsection (1) on third party; asserting legal or equitable rights.
Section 450.4308 Section Distribution; violating operating agreement or MCL 450.4307; liability of members or managers; presumption of assent; knowledge of violation; contribution; commencement of proceeding.
Section 450.4401 Section Management vested in members.
Section 450.4402 Section Managers; delegation; qualifications; number; notice of delegation.
Section 450.4403 Section Managers; selection; vote; removal; notice.
Section 450.4404 Section Managers; duties; action for failure to perform duties.
Section 450.4405 Section Managers; voting requirements.
Section 450.4501 Section Members; admission; liability for acts, debts, or obligations.
Section 450.4502 Section Members; voting rights.
Section 450.4503 Section Members; obtaining certain financial statements and tax returns; inspecting and copying records; obtaining other information; formal accounting of company's affairs.
Section 450.4506 Section Assignee of membership interest; conditions for membership; rights and powers; liability for obligations of assignor.
Section 450.4509 Section Withdrawal of member; distribution; expulsion.
Section 450.4515 Section Action in circuit court; grounds; order or grant of relief; “willfully unfair and oppressive conduct” defined.
Section 450.4603 Section Articles of organization; certificate of amendment; filing; contents.
Section 450.4701 Section Domestic limited liability companies; merger; plan.
Section 450.4702 Section Merger; approval of plan by members; withdrawal and distribution.
Section 450.4703 Section Plan of merger; execution; certificate; contents and effectiveness.
Section 450.4704 Section Merger; provisions.
Section 450.4705 Section Merger of foreign limited liability companies with domestic limited liability companies; conditions; compliance and liability of surviving company.
Section 450.4705a Section Definitions; merger of domestic limited liability companies with business organizations.
Section 450.4706 Section Abandoning plan of merger; procedure.
Section 450.4707 Section Conversion of domestic partnership or domestic limited partnership to limited liability company.
Section 450.4801 Section Dissolution and winding up; conditions.
Section 450.4901 Section Limited liability company; rendering professional services; applicability of article.
Section 450.4902 Section Definitions.
Section 450.4903 Section Professional limited liability company; purpose stated in articles of organization; name.
Section 450.4904 Section Rendering professional services; organization of professional liability company or professional limited liability company; license or legal authorization of persons required.
Section 450.4909 Section Annual report; filing fee; penalty for late filing.
Section 450.4910 Section Merger; limitation.
Section 450.5002 Section Transacting business; certificate of authority by foreign limited liability company required; application; filing; contents.
Section 450.5101 Section Filing fees; deposit; use; charges for certifying or copying files or records; dishonored checks; form of payment; waiver; veteran.