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Public Act Number: 402
Public Act Year: 2008
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 450.1131 Section Submission of document; delivery; filing; return of copy or original; public inspection; maintaining records or files; copies of documents and destroying originals; certified reproduced copy of document as evidence; effective date of document; fees.
Section 450.1201 Section Incorporators.
Section 450.1211 Section Corporate name; required words and abbreviations.
Section 450.1217 Section Transacting business under assumed name; certificate.
Section 450.1241 Section Registered office and resident agent required; address.
Section 450.1545a Section Interest of director or officer in transaction; compensation of directors.
Section 450.1564a Section Indemnification under MCL 450.1561, MCL 450.1562, or MCL 450.1563; determination and evaluation; designation of committee or selection of independent legal counsel; partial indemnification; payment authorization; indemnification for expenses and liabilities.
Section 450.1564b Section Payment or reimbursement of party in advance of final disposition of proceeding; undertaking as unlimited general obligation; evaluation of reasonableness; advancement of expenses.
Section 450.1745 Section Conversion of domestic corporation into business organization; requirements; "business organization" and "entity" defined.
Section 450.1746 Section Conversion of business organization into domestic corporation; requirements.
Section 450.1762 Section Right of shareholder to dissent and obtain payment for shares.
Section 450.1806 Section Certificate of dissolution; filing; time of effectiveness; conditions; date stamp as evidence.
Section 450.2002 Section Foreign corporation with certificate of authority.
Section 450.2060 Section Filing fees.