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Public Act Number: 379
Public Act Year: 2000
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 559.103 Section Definitions; A to C.
Section 559.106 Section Definitions; C to G.
Section 559.110 Section Definitions; R to T.
Section 559.140 Section Easement for encroachment.
Section 559.145 Section Offices, model units, and other facilities; maintenance; costs; restoration of facilities.
Section 559.147a Section Persons with disabilities; improvements or modifications by co-owner to facilitate access or movement; alleviation of hazardous conditions.
Section 559.152 Section Advisory committee of nondeveloper co-owners; establishment; meeting with condominium project board of directors; cessation; right to elect directors; formula; recording consolidating master deed; copy; “units that may be created” defined; time of sale to nondeveloper co-owner.
Section 559.154 Section Bylaws; mandatory provisions; allocation of votes; dispute, claim, or grievance; applicability of subsections (8), (9), and (10).
Section 559.158 Section Acquisition of title by foreclosure of first mortgage; liability for assessments.
Section 559.167 Section Change in condominium project; amendment; replat of condominium subdivision plan; right of withdrawal; reversion of undeveloped land to general common elements; election, notice, and recording requirements; applicability of subsections (3) and (4); "undeveloped land" defined.
Section 559.169 Section Assessment of common expenses; contribution of co-owner.
Section 559.172b Section Air space over fee.
Section 559.173 Section Recordation of master deed and amendment; certification by treasurer; filing copy of master deed with local supervisor or assessing officer; filing architectural plans and specifications or affidavit with local unit of government.
Section 559.190 Section Amendment of condominium documents; consent; void provision superseded by subsection (2); reservation of right to amend; notice of proposed amendments; costs and expenses; master deed amendment; affirmative vote.
Section 559.190a Section Voting procedures.
Section 559.206 Section Default by co-owner; relief.
Section 559.207 Section Action to enforce terms and provisions of condominium documents; action for injunctive relief or damages.
Section 559.208 Section Assessment lien; priority; foreclosure; bid; actions; receiver.
Section 559.211 Section Sale or conveyance of condominium unit; payment and statement of unpaid assessments; liability for unpaid assessments.
Section 559.212 Section Renting or leasing condominium unit; disclosure; review of lease form; notice; compliance required; action by association upon noncompliance; notice of arrearage; deduction of arrearage and future assessments from rental payments.
Section 559.213 Section Financing.
Section 559.232 Section Construction lien; limitations.
Section 559.235 Section Successor developer.
Section 559.276 Section Statute of limitations.