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Public Act Number: 362
Public Act Year: 2014
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Act 148 of 1975 Statute DEBT MANAGEMENT ACT (451.411 - 451.437)
Section 451.412 Section Definitions.
Section 451.414 Section License required; contract made by unlicensed person void; persons eligible for exemption.
Section 451.415 Section License; application; filing requirements; expiration and renewal of license; books and records; financial statement; licensee with board of directors or equivalent.
Section 451.416 Section License; investigation; grounds for issuance or nonissuance; evidence of certification as certified counselor.
Section 451.418 Section License renewal; application; fee; financial statements; failure to pay fee or penalty.
Section 451.418a Section Fraud; notice of intent to prohibit licensure; hearing; order; judicial review; enforcement; violation of final order as misdemeanor; penalty; definitions.
Section 451.421 Section License; applicable provisions.
Section 451.422 Section Budget analysis.
Section 451.423 Section Initial fee; consent of creditor; presumption.
Section 451.424 Section Contract between licensee and debtor; requirements.
Section 451.425 Section Trust account.
Section 451.426 Section Duties of licensee.
Section 451.427 Section Examination of licensee.
Section 451.428 Section Fee under debt management plan; purchase of credit reports or educational materials and products; charge for cancellation or default; when contract effective; cancellation of contract; excessive charge.
Section 451.429 Section Prohibited practices.
Section 451.430 Section Advertisement.
Section 451.436 Section Disposition of fees.