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Public Act Number: 346
Public Act Year: 2016
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 500.3009 Section Automobile liability or motor vehicle liability policy; limits; exclusion of named person; notice; documentary evidence of deleted coverages.
Section 500.3017 Section Loss or injury while transportation network company driver is logged on to transportation network company digital network or transportation network company driver is providing prearranged ride; excluded coverage; examples; coverage not required; coverage for personal vehicle by contract or endorsement; defending or indemnifying claim; compliance with limousine, taxicab, and transportation network company act; exchange of information during investigation of coverage; definitions.
Section 500.3037 Section Limited collision, broad form collision, and standard and limited collision coverages; deductibles; waiver of deductible; rejection of coverages; form; rejection statement; failure to sign or return written rejection statement; explanation of collision coverage options; providing policyholder with collision coverage information; "collision damage" and "substantially at fault" defined.
Section 500.3101 Section Security for payment of benefits required; period security required to be in effect; definitions; policy of insurance or other method of providing security; filing proof of security; exclusion.
Section 500.3113 Section Person not entitled to personal protection insurance benefits.