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Public Act Number: 339
Public Act Year: 2005
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 207.772 Section Definitions.
Section 207.773 Section Neighborhood enterprise zone; designation by resolution; notice; finding of consistency; statement; housing inspection ordinance; public hearing; determining true cash value; limitations on total acreage; amendment or repeal of resolution; designation in obsolete property rehabilitation district.
Section 207.774 Section Neighborhood enterprise zone certificate; application; filing; manner and form; contents; effective date of certificate; conditions.
Section 207.778 Section Neighborhood enterprise zone certificate; form and contents.
Section 207.780 Section Neighborhood enterprise zone certificate; effective date; filing; affidavit of occupancy by owner as principal residence.
Section 207.781 Section Revocation, expiration, or extension of certificate; rescission of revocation.
Section 207.782 Section Duration of certificate.
Section 207.783 Section Determination of assessed valuation of property benefiting from certificate and ad valorem property tax that would have been paid; notice.