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Public Act Number: 2
Public Act Year: 1998
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 28.292 Section Official state personal identification card; contents; exception; duties of secretary of state; methods; form; emergency medical information card; fingerprint or finger image; retention and use of individual's digital photographic image; limitation; evidence of blindness; placement on donor registry; identifier for voter registration purposes; information; issuance; fees; expiration; renewal; waiver of fee; correction for change of name or address; application for renewal; other information; access to emergency information by law enforcement agencies; emancipated minor; participation in anatomical gift donor registry; validity; duplicate identification card; renewal; fees; pandemic extension and reimbursement for certain expirations; definitions.
Section 28.293 Section False representation of information; violation as felony; additional violations; penalty; cancellation or return.