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Public Act Number: 100
Public Act Year: 2018
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 600.3010 Section Short title of chapter.
Section 600.3011 Section Definitions.
Section 600.3012 Section Asbestos action; duties of plaintiff before initial date set for trial; duty to supplement information and materials; failure to comply with section; dismissal.
Section 600.3013 Section Motion requiring plaintiff to file additional trust claims; duties of plaintiff; written response by plaintiff; determination and action by court; scheduling asbestos action for trial; compliance with section.
Section 600.3014 Section Trust claims materials and trust governance documents; presumption; discovery from asbestos trust; use and basis of trust materials.
Section 600.3015 Section Additional asbestos trust claim filed after judgment; jurisdiction of trial court to reopen and adjust judgment; time for filing.
Section 600.3016 Section Applicability of chapter.