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Document Type(s): Bills
Legislative Session(s): 2023-2024
Detailed Category: Local government: authorities
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HB 4186 of 2023
(PA 55 of 2024)
House Bill Construction: asbestos; provision allowing the withholding of payment to asbestos abatement contractors or demolition contractors for environmental violations; require certain local government contracts to contain, and require certain disclosures by asbestos abatement contractors and demolition contractors. Creates new act.
Last Action: assigned PA 55'24
HB 4360 of 2023
(PA 64 of 2024)
House Bill Local government: authorities; emergency services authorities; allow to serve partial municipalities. Amends sec. 2 of 1988 PA 57 (MCL 124.602).
Last Action: assigned PA 64'24
HB 4375 of 2023
(PA 52 of 2023)
House Bill Economic development: other; definition of qualified city; modify. Amends sec. 3 of 2003 PA 258 (MCL 124.753).
Last Action: assigned PA 52'23
HB 5557 of 2024 House Bill Land use: zoning and growth management; master plans; require to forecast and take into account housing needs. Amends secs. 7, 15 & 33 of 2008 PA 33 (MCL 125.3807 et seq.).