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Document Type(s): Bills
Legislative Session(s): 2017-2018
Detailed Category: Torts: civil procedure
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HB 4972 of 2017 House Bill Torts; civil procedure; immunity from liability for damages of forcible entry into a motor vehicle for purpose of rescuing a minor from vehicle; provide for. Creates new act.
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 09/19/2017
HB 5456 of 2018
(PA 100 of 2018)
House Bill Civil procedure; civil actions; asbestos bankruptcy trust claims transparency act; enact. Amends 1961 PA 236 (MCL 600.101 - 600.9947) by adding ch. 30A.
Last Action: approved by the Governor 4/2/2018 @ 11:56 AM
HB 5949 of 2018 House Bill Financial institutions; banking practices; reporting of financial exploitation of financially endangered adults to family members or others; authorize and provide civil, criminal, and administrative immunity. Creates new act.
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 05/09/2018