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Document Type(s): Bills
Legislative Session(s): 2017-2018
Detailed Category: Crimes: public safety
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HB 4289 of 2017 House Bill Public employees and officers; ethics; crime of altering data used for official reports to intentionally falsify or mislead; create. Amends 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.1 - 750.568) by adding sec. 491a.
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 03/01/2017
HB 5846 of 2018 House Bill Crimes; other; possession of a trailer designed for defense or attack; repeal. Repeals sec. 421 of 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.421).
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 04/19/2018
HB 6539 of 2018 House Bill Law enforcement; peace officers; provision related to peace officers' duty to apprehend offender for violations of interruption or disruption of a meeting of any assembly for religious worship; modify. Amends sec. 27 of 1846 RS 158 (MCL 752.527) & repeals sec. 28 of 1846 RS 158 (MCL 752.528).
Last Action: bill electronically reproduced 11/28/2018