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Document Type(s): Bills
Legislative Session(s): 2013-2014
Detailed Category: Mental health: children
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HB 4336 of 2013 House Bill Family law; child support; age of majority provision regarding child support; expand under certain circumstances. Amends secs. 2 & 5b of 1982 PA 295 (MCL 552.602 & 552.605b).
Last Action: printed bill filed 02/28/2013
HB 4504 of 2013 House Bill School aid; other; funding for student ordered into residential mental health child care institution; provide for from foundation allowance. Amends 1979 PA 94 (MCL 388.1601 - 388.1896) by adding sec. 27.
Last Action: printed bill filed 04/10/2013
HB 5033 of 2013 House Bill Mental health; other; written summary listing side effects of psychotrophic drugs; require distribution of by prescriber or licensed health professional. Amends sec. 719 of 1974 PA 258 (MCL 330.1719).
Last Action: printed bill filed 10/02/2013
HB 5703 of 2014 House Bill Mental health; children; gay conversion therapy; prohibit. Amends 1974 PA 258 (MCL 330.1001 - 330.2106) by adding sec. 901a.
Last Action: printed bill filed 07/17/2014