MCL - Section 35.353

Act 263 of 1951

35.353 Reemployment of public employees; subsequent discharge; seniority; insurance and other benefits.

Sec. 3.

     Any person who is restored to a position in accordance with the provisions of this act shall not be discharged from such position without cause within 1 year after such restoration, unless all employees in the same classification with less seniority are first laid off and shall, without limiting other rights conferred by this or other sections, be considered as having been on furlough or leave of absence during his period of military duty. He shall be restored without loss of seniority, including, upon promotion or other advancement following completion of any period of employment required therefor, a seniority date in the advanced position which will place him ahead of all persons previously junior to him who advanced to the position during his absence in the armed forces. He shall also be entitled on reinstatement to participate in insurance (including pension plans and medical insurance) and other benefits dependent on length of employment to the same extent as if he had remained continuously at work; he shall have the option to continue during his term of military service payments which participation in the benefit would have required of him had he remained at work, and shall have the option upon reinstatement to make up any such contributions which were not made during the period of his military duty; the employer shall make on the employee's behalf any payments the employer would have made had the employee remained at work. He shall be protected against reduction in his seniority, status or pay during his employment except as such reduction may be made for all employees whose employment situations are similar. Nothing in this section shall be construed as requiring the granting of more than a total of 6 years' credit towards retirement.

History: 1951, Act 263, Eff. Sept. 28, 1951