MCL - 213-1982-9

Act 213 of 1982
Article 9

Document Type Description
Section 449.1901 Section Foreign limited partnership; governing laws; effect of difference between laws on registration.
Section 449.1902 Section Registration required; application.
Section 449.1903 Section Certificate of registration; issuance; return to applicant.
Section 449.1904 Section Registration of name.
Section 449.1905 Section Correction of false or inaccurate statements in application for registration.
Section 449.1906 Section Cancellation of registration; effect.
Section 449.1907 Section Maintaining court action in state before registration prohibited; effect of transacting business in state without registration.
Section 449.1908 Section Action to restrain foreign limited partnership from transacting business in state.
Section 449.1909 Section Activities not considered to be transacting business in state.
Section 449.1910 Section Making or participating in certain loans without registering in state.