Act 116 of 1954
Document Type Description
Section 168.861 Section Fraudulent or illegal voting, or tampering with ballots or ballot boxes; remedy by quo warranto.
Section 168.862 Section Fraud or mistake in canvass or returns of votes; recount petition by candidate; good-faith belief in winning.
Section 168.863 Section Fraud or error as to proposed charter amendment or other ballot question; recount petition by elector.
Section 168.864 Section Repealed. 1996, Act 261, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996.
Section 168.865 Section Recount petition; contents.
Section 168.866 Section Recount petition; filing; deadline; filing of copy with secretary of state.
Section 168.867 Section Recount petition; filing; deposit; refund; disposition of sum deposited.
Section 168.868 Section Recount petition; notice to opposing candidates; counter petition; objections to recount petition; hearing; ruling; failure to give notice to opposing candidate.
Section 168.869 Section Recount petition; investigation, delay; expenses of local recount.
Section 168.870 Section Board of canvassers; investigation of recount.
Section 168.871 Section Recount; use of electronic voting system; use of voting machines; recount of absent voter ballots; procedures for conduct of recount; use of computer; testing software application.
Section 168.871a Section Challenge raised by candidate or elector; resolution; petition disagreeing with resolution; notice; hearing; ruling.
Section 168.872 Section Board of canvassers; investigation, report to prosecutor and circuit judge.
Section 168.873 Section Recount; misconduct of employees, felony.
Section 168.874 Section Recount; return of ballots; manner of counting votes.
Section 168.875 Section Recount; completion.
Section 168.876 Section Recount; returns by board of canvassers, withdrawal of petition; final report open to public inspection.
Section 168.877 Section Review of apparent error by certiorari.