MCL - Section 460.1230.added

Act 295 of 2008

***** 460.1230.added THIS ADDED SECTION IS EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 29, 2024 *****

460.1230.added Commission; administrative powers and duties; conflict of law; power of eminent domain.

Sec. 230.

    (1) In administering this part, the commission has only those powers and duties granted to the commission under this part.
    (2) The commission may consolidate proceedings under this part with contract approval or other certificate of need cases relating to the same energy facility.
    (3) This part shall control in any conflict between this part and any other law of this state. However, the electric transmission line certification act, 1995 PA 30, MCL 460.561 to 460.575, controls in any conflict with this part.
    (4) Commission approval of a certificate does not confer the power of eminent domain and is not a determination of public convenience and necessity for the purposes of the power of eminent domain or a condemnation action filed pursuant to the uniform condemnation procedures act, 1980 PA 87, MCL 213.51 to 213.75.

History: Add. 2023, Act 233, Eff. Nov. 29, 2024