Act 451 of 1994
Part 413
Document Type Description
Section 324.41301 Section Definitions; possession of live organism.
Section 324.41302 Section Adding or deleting from list of prohibited species or restricted species; consultation; procedure; determination; review; emergency order; order setting conditions for harvesting, possessing, and transporting naturalized organism of aquatic restricted species.
Section 324.41302a Section Repealed. 2018, Act 451, Eff. March 21, 2019.
Section 324.41303 Section Possession of live prohibited or restricted organism; prohibition; exceptions; notification of location where found.
Section 324.41305 Section Introduction of prohibited or restricted species, or genetically engineered or nonnative bird, crustacean, fish, insect, mammal, or mollusk, or aquatic plant; prohibition; exceptions.
Section 324.41306 Section Permit; application; fee; granting or denying; revocation; modification; hearing; administration; enforcement.
Section 324.41307 Section Rules.
Section 324.41309 Section Violation; penalties; suspension or revocation of permit or license; order; liability for damages to natural resources; exceptions.
Section 324.41310 Section Property used in criminal violation subject to seizure and forfeiture.
Section 324.41311 Section Invasive species fund; creation; disposition of funds; money remaining in fund; expenditures; purposes.
Section 324.41313 Section Providing information on website; requirements.
Section 324.41321 Section Repealed. 2009, Act 51, Eff. Sept. 21, 2009.
Section 324.41323 Section Duties of department.
Section 324.41325 Section Watercraft, watercraft equipment, or watercraft trailer with aquatic plant attached; placement in state waters prohibited; transport over land; order to remove aquatic organisms; release of baitfish prohibited; release of fish limited; notice; posting; violation as civil infraction; penalty.
Section 324.41329 Section Sale or possession of nonnative aquatic species without registration prohibited; exceptions; applicability of section.
Section 324.41331 Section Registration to sell or possess nonnative aquatic species; application; issuance.
Section 324.41333 Section Person registered to sell or possess nonnative aquatic species; duties.
Section 324.41335 Section Trade show for aquatic species; written notice required.
Section 324.41337 Section Violation; penalties; suspension or revocation of registration; disposal of aquatic species.
Section 324.41341 Section Inspection of site or facility permitted.