MCL - Section 449.44

Act 72 of 1917

449.44 Limited liability partnership; registration procedures.

Sec. 44.

    (1) A partnership may organize as a limited liability partnership by filing with the department on a form provided by the department a registration that states the following:
    (a) The name of the partnership.
    (b) The address of the partnership's principal office.
    (c) If the partnership is a foreign limited liability partnership, the address of the registered office and the name of the registered agent authorized to receive service of process in this state.
    (d) A brief statement of the business of the partnership.
    (e) A statement that the partnership will operate as a limited liability partnership.
    (f) The partnership's federal employer identification number or, if a number has not been assigned to the partnership, the social security number of the person or persons signing the registration.
    (g) Any other information that the department may require.
    (2) A majority in interest of the partners or individuals authorized to execute a registration by a majority in interest of the partners shall sign the registration form described in subsection (1). The registration shall be accompanied by a registration fee of $100.00.
    (3) The registration is effective immediately upon filing with the department and the payment of the registration fee and shall remain in effect for 1 year from the effective date under this section.
    (4) A registration may be renewed for 1 year by filing with the department a renewal registration on a form provided by the department and the payment of a renewal fee of $100.00.
    (5) The status of a partnership as a registered limited liability partnership shall not be affected by errors or subsequent changes in the information provided pursuant to this section.
    (6) As used in this section and sections 47 and 48, “department” means the department of commerce.

History: Add. 1994, Act 323, Imd. Eff. Oct. 12, 1994