MCL - Section 436.1518

Act 58 of 1998

436.1518 Definitions; issuance of motorsports event licenses; consumption and possession of beer and wine in motorsports entertainment complex; civil liability.

Sec. 518.

    (1) As used in this section:
    (a) "Motorsports entertainment complex" means a closed-course motorsports facility and its ancillary grounds that comply with all of the following:
    (i) Has at least 1,500 fixed seats for race patrons.
    (ii) Has at least 2 scheduled days of motorsports events each calendar year.
    (iii) Serves food and beverages at the facility during sanctioned motorsports events each calendar year through concession outlets, which may be staffed by individuals who represent or are members of 1 or more nonprofit civic or charitable organizations that directly financially benefit from the concession outlets' sales.
    (iv) Engages in tourism promotion.
    (b) "Motorsports event" means a motorsports race and its ancillary activities that have been sanctioned by a sanctioning body.
    (c) "Owner" means a person that owns and operates a motorsports entertainment complex.
    (d) "Sanctioning body" means the American Motorcycle Association (AMA); Auto Racing Club of America (ARCA); IndyCar; International Motor Sports Association (IMSA); National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR); National Hot Rod Association (NHRA); Sports Car Club of America (SCCA); United States Auto Club (USAC); Michigan State Promoters Association; or any successor organization or any other nationally or internationally recognized governing body of motorsports that establishes an annual schedule of motorsports events and grants rights to conduct the events, that has established and administers rules and regulations governing all participants involved in the events and all persons conducting the events, and that requires certain liability assurances, including insurance.
    (2) Notwithstanding the quota provisions of section 531, the commission may issue motorsports event licenses for the sale of beer and wine or beer, wine, mixed spirit drink, and spirits for consumption on the premises to the owner of a motorsports entertainment complex for use during sanctioned motorsports events only. The sale of beer, wine, mixed spirit drink, and spirits at concession outlets or additional locations within the motorsports entertainment complex during motorsports sanctioned events are not considered additional bars for the purpose of determining a license fee under section 525(1)(o). An applicant for a license under this section that elects to sell beer and wine only shall pay to the commission a license fee of $250.00. An applicant for a license under this section that elects to sell beer, wine, mixed spirit drink, and spirits shall pay to the commission a license fee of $600.00.
    (3) For a period of time not to exceed 7 consecutive days during which public access is permitted to a motorsports entertainment complex in connection with a motorsports event, members of the general public at least 21 years or older may bring beer and wine not purchased at the licensed motorsports entertainment complex into the motorsports entertainment complex and possess and consume that beer and wine. Possession and consumption of beer and wine under this section are allowed only in portions of the motorsports entertainment complex open to the general public that are also part of the licensed premises of a retail licensee under both of the following circumstances:
    (a) The licensed premises are located within the motorsports entertainment complex.
    (b) The retail licensee holds a license for consumption on the licensed premises of the motorsports entertainment complex.
    (4) A person holding a license for the sale of alcoholic liquor for consumption on the premises at a motorsports entertainment complex is subject to the civil liability provisions of section 801 if the civil action is brought by or on behalf of an individual who suffers damage or is personally injured by a minor or visibly intoxicated person by reason of the unlawful consumption of alcoholic liquor on the licensed premises by that minor or visibly intoxicated person if the unlawful consumption is proven to be a proximate cause of the damage, injury, or death of the individual, whether the alcoholic liquor was sold or furnished by the licensee or was brought onto the licensed premises under subsection (3).

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