MCL - Section 330.1740

Act 258 of 1974

330.1740 Physical restraint.

Sec. 740.

    (1) A resident shall not be placed in physical restraint except in the circumstances and under the conditions set forth in this section or in other law.
    (2) A resident may be restrained only as provided in subsection (3), (4), or (5) after less restrictive interventions have been considered, and only if restraint is essential in order to prevent the resident from physically harming himself, herself, or others, or in order to prevent him or her from causing substantial property damage. Consideration of less restrictive measures shall be documented in the medical record. If restraint is essential in order to prevent the resident from physically harming himself, herself, or others, the resident may be physically held with no more force than is necessary to limit the resident's movement, until a restraint may be applied.
    (3) A resident may be temporarily restrained for a maximum of 30 minutes without an order or authorization in an emergency. Immediately after imposition of the temporary restraint, a physician shall be contacted. If, after being contacted, the physician does not order or authorize the restraint, the restraint shall be removed.
    (4) A resident may be restrained prior to examination pursuant to an authorization by a physician. An authorized restraint may continue only until a physician can personally examine the resident or for 2 hours, whichever is less. If it is not possible for the physician to examine the resident within 2 hours, a physician may reauthorize the restraint for another 2 hours. Authorized restraint may not continue for more than 4 hours.
    (5) A resident may be restrained pursuant to an order by a physician made after personal examination of the resident. An ordered restraint shall continue only for that period of time specified in the order or for 8 hours, whichever is less.
    (6) A restrained resident shall continue to receive food, shall be kept in sanitary conditions, shall be clothed or otherwise covered, shall be given access to toilet facilities, and shall be given the opportunity to sit or lie down.
    (7) Restraints shall be removed every 2 hours for not less than 15 minutes unless medically contraindicated or whenever they are no longer essential in order to achieve the objective which justified their initial application.
    (8) Each instance of restraint requires full justification for its application, and the results of each periodic examination shall be placed promptly in the record of the resident.
    (9) If a resident is restrained repeatedly, the resident's individual plan of services shall be reviewed and modified to facilitate the reduction of the use of restraints.

History: 1974, Act 258, Eff. Aug. 6, 1975 ;-- Am. 1995, Act 290, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996