MCL - Section 324.41103

Act 451 of 1994

324.41103 Orders protecting fish, animals, or birds; provisions; duration; notice; newspaper publication; filing; printing order in Michigan fish and game laws; fisheries research; experimental game management areas; notice of availability of annual sports fishing handbook and amendments, corrections, or additions thereto.

Sec. 41103.

    (1) If the department determines that any fish, game or fur-bearing animals, or game birds of any kind or species are in danger of depletion or extermination and require additional protection in any designated waters or area within the state, the department may issue an order suspending or abridging the open season on fish, game or fur-bearing animals, or game birds, or may regulate their taking or killing in the waters or area as the department considers necessary for the further protection of fish, game or fur-bearing animals, or game birds in those waters or areas. The orders shall clearly specify the manner and condition relative to the taking or killing. The orders shall clearly and distinctly describe and set forth the waters or area affected by each order, and whether the order is applicable to all fish, game or fur-bearing animals, or game birds, or only to certain kinds or species designated in the order, and shall also clearly specify and set forth the length of time during which the order shall remain in effect. However, an order shall not remain in effect for more than 5 years. The public shall be notified of orders changing the rules pertaining to hunting, fishing, or trapping in the annual hunting, fishing, and trapping guides available by licensed agents of the department and field offices of the department or the department may publish the orders at least 21 days but not more than 60 days prior to taking effect, and at least once annually while in force, in at least 1 newspaper in each county, if a newspaper is published in a county, the whole or any portion of which is affected by the order. The first newspaper publication shall appear at least once each week for 3 successive weeks. A copy of the order as printed in the newspaper shall be filed with the clerk of each county. Proof by affidavit of the newspaper publication or other form of publication allowed in this section shall be filed with the department, and a copy of the order, while it is in force and effect, shall be included and printed in the authorized biennial compilation of the Michigan fish and game laws. The original of all orders on file in the Lansing office of the department shall be under the seal of the department and shall bear the signatures of the chairperson and secretary of the commission and shall be countersigned by the department. The department shall establish the seasons, size limits, creel limits, and methods of taking fish in certain designated inland lakes not to exceed 20 in number at any 1 time and in certain designated streams or portions of streams not to exceed 10 in number at any 1 time for the purpose of fisheries research. The department may establish not more than 1 experimental game management area that shall not exceed 40,000 acres in size, 4 experimental game management areas not to exceed 5,000 acres each in size, and 1 experimental game management area that shall include Beaver island in its entirety and the 4 islands that comprise the Little Beaver islands state game area. The department shall establish rules and orders governing the kind of game that may be taken in the areas designated in this subsection and the time, place, and manner or method of the taking.
    (2) The department shall publish annually in 1 or more newspapers of general circulation in this state notice of the availability of the annual sports fishing handbook. The published notice shall inform the public of when, where, and how the annual sports fishing handbook may be obtained.
    (3) The department shall notify the public of an amendment, correction, or addition to the annual sports fishing handbook in the same manner as provided for newspaper publication in subsection (1).

History: Add. 1995, Act 57, Imd. Eff. May 24, 1995
Popular Name: Act 451
Popular Name: NREPA