Act 300 of 1949
Document Type Description
Section 257.248 Section Dealer license; investigation; report; bond or bond renewal certificate; dealer plates; stipulation as to service of process; prohibited conduct; application; supplemental dealer license; eligible used dealer license; classification; requirements applicable to issuance, renewal, and expiration; conduct not requiring separate or supplemental license.
Section 257.248a Section Vehicle dealer; prohibited advertising or representations; designated business hours.
Section 257.248b Section Foreign salvage vehicle dealer license; form and contents of application; division of dealer licensees into quarter segments; expiration and renewal of license; investigations; stipulation as to service of process.
Section 257.248c Section Sale, transfer, or release of distressed late model vehicle by vehicle salvage pool, auction, or broker; release of vehicle; release statement; notice to owner and lienholder; sale of vehicle for parts.
Section 257.248d Section Wholesaler; requirements.
Section 257.248e Section Salvage vehicle agent license.
Section 257.248f Section Vehicle dealer or salvage vehicle agent license; criminal history check; fingerprints; disclosure of information; violation of subsection (7) as misdemeanor; "criminal history record information" defined.
Section 257.248g Section Salvage vehicle agent; duties.
Section 257.248h Section Persons engaged in prohibited conduct; penalties; refusal to issue or renew license; revocation or suspension of license; denial or revocation of license without hearing.
Section 257.248i Section Attending pool or auction selling salvage or scrap titled vehicles.
Section 257.248j Section Acting as dealer without license; warning; administrative fine; notice of assessment; actions; informal conference; administrative hearing; payment of administrative fine; reduction.
Section 257.248k Section Mobility dealer endorsement.
Section 257.248l Section Dealer training programs; requirements; trained individual at each retail location; exceptions; training by qualified trade organizations; application process; compliance monitoring; renewal limitation; fees; dealer training program fund; rules; definitions.
Section 257.249 Section Denial, suspension, or revocation of license as dealer; grounds.
Section 257.249a Section Denial, suspension, or revocation of license as automotive recycler, used or secondhand vehicle parts dealer, vehicle scrap metal processor, or foreign salvage vehicle dealer; grounds.
Section 257.250 Section Vehicle dealer's licensee; procedure for notification, investigation, denial, suspension, revocation.
Section 257.250a Section Placement of license on probation; conditions
Section 257.250b Section Cease and desist order.
Section 257.250c Section Other lawful remedies and sanctions.
Section 257.251 Section Dealer records; maintenance; manner; contents; odometer mileage statement; delivery of written statement to buyer; conditions to valid sale; maintenance and inspection of dealer records and inventory; inspections; summary suspension of license; order; hearing; rules.
Section 257.251a Section Copies of documents.
Section 257.251b Section Renting, leasing, or furnishing motorcycle; license to operate required.
Section 257.251c Section Renting, leasing, or furnishing motorcycle; duties of dealer.
Section 257.251d Section Renting, leasing, or furnishing motorcycle; license to operate as condition of use by third party.
Section 257.251e Section Renting, leasing, or furnishing motorcycle; motor vehicle liability policy.