MCL - Section 257.723

Act 300 of 1949

257.723 Towing or platform bed wreckers or road service vehicles; compliance with federal identification requirements; violation as civil infraction.

Sec. 723.

    (1) All towing or platform bed wreckers or road service vehicles in operation upon the public highways of this state shall have the name, city, and state or the registered logo or emblem of the registered owner of the vehicle, and lessee of the vehicle if the vehicle is being operated under lease, painted or permanently attached on each side of the vehicle in letters of not less than 3 inches in height, not lower than the bottom edge of the door. This information shall be in sharp color contrast to the background.
    (2) A vehicle in compliance with the identification requirements of the federal motor carrier safety regulations, 49 CFR parts 390-399, is considered to be in compliance with this section.
    (3) A person who violates this section is responsible for a civil infraction.

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